How many people have actually died from COVID in El Salvador?

The real number of deaths increases above the official data, due to underreporting of infected people and the overcrowding of public hospitals

In the middle of July, approximately 200 deaths were recorded per day, a 60% increase over the average of the previous 5 yearsInformation obtained from the National Registry of Natural Persons. However, at the beginning of the quarantine there was a decrease in registrations. It may be due to an under-registration because the mayoral offices were closed and the people in that period simply did not register the death (the ultimate reason for this drop in the RNPN data should be explored). During the quarantine, some processes were made more flexible and allowed not to record deaths in the usual time.

Until mid-September there were approximately 2,000 suspected deaths from COVID, which due to lack of evidence were not part of the official figures. This is the equivalent of underreporting 70% of the deceased cases. It is also observed that the peak of suspicious and official deaths do not coincide, which could lead to a delay in the tracking of COVID.

During the quarantine, wrongful homicides, which are mostly caused by car accidents, decreased. In the entire month of May, 2 people were saved daily compared to the average of the last 5 years. For the month of July, an average of one less person died compared to the daily average of recent years.

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